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Your eyesight is important, and changes and degeneration in your eyesight can happen without any symptoms or signs. 20/20 Eyecare Express has been in practice since 1968 and we look forward to putting our years of experience to work for you and your eyes.

From sensitive eye contact lenses to one day disposable contacts, we have the stock to fit your needs. If you need specialty lenses and specialty contacts, our professional optometrist can order them for you and save you the hassle. You can rely on our fast, friendly service.

All kinds of contacts

If it's getting difficult to see through your glasses, it may not just be scratches on your lenses. Get your eyes checked regularly by our highly trained optometrist and choose from a wide variety of brand name glasses to frame your face perfectly.

How scratched are your glasses?

Let us recommend contacts or eye glasses that will work uniquely for your visual needs and concerns. You'll love the high quality service we offer you and your family.

See the world around you in sharp contrast

Protect your eyes with an annual exam


Buy 1 get 1 FREE! Same day service, guaranteed satisfaction. Contact us today for more details.